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Best of 2010 - Chris Robinson, Outside-Inside-Out
Best of 2010 - Alain Drouot, Jazz Journalists Association Best Of
Best of 2010 - George Grella, Jazz Journalists Association Best Of

“Arrestingly beautiful chamber jazz”-Time Out NY Critics Pick

“Mr. Thomson's compositions are intricately wrought and
incident-steeped, even when they move in snowlike drifts. The gutsy precision of the playing calls for hearing this music in a performance setting.”
- The New York Times Critics Choice: New CDs

" impressive amalgam of influences, ideas and inventiveness.... exciting and at times mesmerizing." - Bruce Lindsay, All About Jazz

"Guitarist Nir Felder veering into ambient soundscape terrain while trumpeter Russ Johnson just blasts off..." - Stuart Dryden, The Province, Vancouver, Canada

“a driftwood melody gently drawn by chamber-like ensemble playing”
- David Luhrssen, Express MIlwaukee

“A rewarding debut that exhibits considerable promise for further explorations in the future.” - Jazz Chicago

"It Would Be Easier If is fantastic combination of Ken Thomson's well structured chamber arrangements and superior improvisation on the part of each member of the ensemble. It's great to see Thomson finally put all his thoughts and influences into one place and no better way than on his debut. It Would Be Easier If is an impressive work for an artist and composer that I hope will record more as leader and someone you should most certainly check out. I really love this record." - JazzWrap

"Like much of his work, the album is a combination of rock, jazz and modern chamber music, but whereas Asphalt [Orchestra] defies easy categorization and Gutbucket is overtly punk jazz, Slow/Fast leans towards composition-heavy chamber jazz..... [About the 3rd track:] Humor is an ongoing element in Thomson's music, but there is nothing funny about the elegant 'No No No.' This 11-minute gem is imbued with long tones that blend together like different colors on a painter's palette. Unlike Gutbucket's material, which tends toward spasmodic and to-the-point, 'Slow/Fast' methodically brings the song to a boil and then dissolves it into a Thomson solo that eventually fades out. While there is very little movement, Thomson and Co. create a taut piece that holds the listener's attention throughout." - AOL

“Thomson’s intuition and compositional prowess comes to the fore—his uncanny sense of musical architecture, pacing, and interestingly, portion size. It Would Be Easier If is a crazily engaging set of musical compositions that demand equally engaged listening. Thomson takes his listeners on a sonic joyride that proves as meticulous and well-crafted as it is raucous and unpredictable.” -

“Charted unison lines that are often more stupefying than the improvised solos. Those charts get to the heart of what It Would Be Easier If is about: classically structured music welded to modern,whack jazz, rock and world fusion sonorities.” - SomethingElseReviews

"Between jazz and improvised music on one side and iridescent composed avant-garde and new music on the other hand, the five musicians search for new and different possibilities of musical expression. Shape and sound, dynamics and timbre are other parameters, sometimes over shimmering arpeggios of the guitar, then also rock-loud sounds; sometimes over a thick chordal carpet, then with entangled polyphonic phrases. That sounds more complex and intellectual than it is. One thing Thomson learned from Gutbucket: To grab your audience, your must be able to keep it." - JazzThing Germany

“Thomson’s compositions are as complex as a beehive, filled with amber-hued nooks and crannies that bear traces of jazz, world music, and classical, without succumbing to any of them.”
- San Francisco Weekly

“The hardest-working saxophonist in new-music show business” - Time Out NY

“A manic sax dervish” - Time Out NY

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